Stop tying

You know, when a person has no children and the only thing they have to take with them when traveling is a wallet and a few small things that fit into a backpack, it may be a good thing that trains and Autotracks are quite sufficient ways to travel. But gradually, creeing and inconcreably, the other things, the people and the animals that need to be transported, will begin to wrap up. If you catch yourself in the subway with a crotch on your back, a child in a stretcher on the belly and two big dogs on a leash, answer one question-is there no longer a good time to visit the driving school?
Start enjoying
Perhaps even the bravest of you in a similar moment of life will begin to consider buying your own car, which of course must precede attendance to driving school. And once you sit behind the wheel of your own car, children and dogs pin the belts and set off when you want to, you will no longer be able to imagine other travel.